Death Bubba

Death Bubba


Death Bubba is a cross between God Bud X Bubba Kush and it yields a THC content up to 25-27%. This is a very powerful strain with a pungent herbaceous aroma with skunky undertones. The buds are nice and green with deep purple hues and tiny orange spurs that make this bud so appealing. Death Bubba will help unknot unwanted tensions and soothe any minor physical discomfort. Once you smoke a bud of Death Bubba you’ll feel the high slowly creeping in and you’ll be left in a blissful euphoria. As the high spirals downwards you’ll feel an utter relaxation and fall into a deep sleep. This strain is great for treating ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, insomnia and night terrors. 


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Death Bubba

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